• Configure a company’s system to retrieve sample results data via a RESTful API
  • Users should work with their IT team to setup this feature
  • User must have logged in to Mobil Serv prior to requesting Authentication Token on Postman.  The Mobil Serv username and password will be used to request the Authentication Token on the postman or API platform.


Instruction how to interact, discover, and work with resources and endpoints available in the API is defined here (https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/10329688/SzKSUL4K).  It is intended for developers to interface with Mobil Serv via the RESTful HTTPS API.

API-enabled environments

EnvironmentAPI Endpoint
Acceptance* https://api.ucld.us/env/acc

* The Acceptance environment is for testing, and access is limited. Please contact the BSA for access.

C# Example

JavaScript Example