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Excel Add-In

The Excel Add-in allows you connect your Excel workbooks to Mobil Serv allowing you to:

  1. Consume historical work data.
  2. Download and update assets in Mobil Serv from directly within Excel.

Excel Add-in – expanding data management features within Mobil Serv. Directly access Mobil Serv data via Excel.

Sample Results - pull sample results directly into Excel for review and analysis

Assets – view list of assets (read only) or edit (restricted role) in Excel

Edit – Select asset attributes from lists pulled directly from Mobil Serv

Edit – Asset information is validated before saving to Mobil Serv

Security Rights:  Based on the following rights you will see additional options in the ribbon:

  • Access Excel Add In (Allows the login to the Excel Add-in)
  • Access Excel Sample Data Group (Enables view of the Sample Data Ribbon)
  • Access Excel Assets Group (Enables view of the Assets Ribbon)
  • Can Submit Asset From Excel (Enables a user to edit and submit assets to Mobil Serv using Excel)

Installation for external users (non-ExxonMobil employees)

  1. Click here to download MS Excel Add-In for Mobil Serv (note the download location). 
  2. Locate the downloaded "setup.exe" file and double click it to launch the installer.
  3. Follow prompts to install.
  4. Open Excel and navigate to the new Mobil Serv tab.
  5. Enter username and password for Mobil Serv.
  6. Select Login.

Installation/Updates for ExxonMobil employees 

  1. Navigate to the Software Center on your ExxonMobil PC
  2. Select the MSLA Excel Add-In from Applications tab
    The Excel add-in in the Software Center.
  3. Select Install; Follow prompts to install.
  4. Open Excel and navigate to the new Mobil Serv tab.
  5. Enter username and password for Mobil Serv.
  6. Select Login


Windows based Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater.


The Excel add-in is not currently supported on Apple devices.


  1. Open Excel and navigate to the Mobil Serv tab.
    Login from the Mobil Serv tab in Excel.
  2. Enter your Mobil Serv Email and Password
    Enter your email and password.

  3. Click Login

What if I do not see the “Mobil Serv” add-in?

VIDEO: MSLA_Excel Add-in_Active.mp4

If you installed the Mobil Serv add-in, but do not see the Mobil Serv tab

After opening Excel:

  1. Select File
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Add-ins
  4. At bottom of page, next to Manage - Pick COM Add-ins, then click Go
  5. Check MobilServ.ExcelAddIn, then select OK

Store the Add-in in a Trusted Location

The great solution to the missing ribbon is to store the add-in file in a Trusted Location.  A Trusted Location is a folder on your hard drive or server that has been added to the Trusted Locations list in Excel.

You can either move the add-in file to a trusted location or add the add-in file's location to the list of trusted locations. 

How to add a folder to the Trusted Locations list in Excel:

Open the Trusted Locations menu. File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Trusted Locations.

The Trust Center in the Excel Options.

Press the Add new location.

Trusted Locations in the Trust Center.

Select the Browse button.

Selecting a Trusted Location.

Navigate to the folder that contains your add-in file and press OK.

Press OK on the Trust Center Window.

Close Excel and re-open.

The Default Add-Ins Folder Needs to be Trusted

The following path is the default location where add-ins are stored on the computer:

  • C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns
  • C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local


Please be sure to check the Subfolders check box.

If you store add-ins in this default AddIns folder then you will need to add it to the Trusted Locations list.  For most users, it is not trusted by default.

Further troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with getting your Mobil Serv add-in to stay on your task bar, you can find more information here.

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