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Work Order Details Help

Work Order Details

The Work Order Details Page is where users can edit, complete, cancel and view details of a work order and it's associated asset. 


Users can edit work orders by clicking the Edit Work Order button. This will allow the user to edit the Work Order's Description, Priority, Type, Assignees, Tags and start date.


Users can complete work orders by clicking the Complete Work Order button. Users will be redirected to the Complete Work Order Page.


Users can cancel work orders by clicking the Cancel Work Order button. 

Reopen Work Order

Users can reopen closed or canceled work orders by clicking the Reopen Work Order button.


Users can close Completed Work Orders by clicking the Close button

Work Order Timeline

Users can view a timeline of changes made to a work order on the right side of the screen. Users can add notes and attachments to this area as well.

Asset Details

Users can view details of the asset in the lower left section of the screen. This area contains a short history of past work orders as well. 

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