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Viewing Reports

Steps to View Reports

  1. Navigate to the Assets Tile on the Dashboard.
  2. On the Asset Search page that appears, use the drop-down menu to select the account to which the sampled asset belongs.
  3. Utilize the search bar to locate the desired asset.
    Note: the search help link offers guidance on maximizing search effectiveness.
  4. On the Asset Details page that appears, scroll down to the Work History section.
  5. Select Report (the right-most item in each row) corresponding to the desired asset(s) in order to access the sample report(s).
    Note: reports can also be accessed via the link provided in the notification email and / or the system’s messaging tool.
  6. To access multiple reports together, see the Viewing Historic Samples Report Help page.


Steps to Print/Email Reports

  1. Select and View a report using the instructions above.
  2. Select the Print or Email Tile.
    1. If Emailing select recipients by searching email addresses.
    2. If Printing select a print destination.

Sample Report Emails:

The sample report emails have the sample report attached and a brief summary at the bottom section of the email. 

The Bottom section is referred to as the summary section. This includes additional asset details. This includes most recent total of engine hours, oil age and details on the most recent alert. Clicking on the link for the Alert will bring you to the sample report page in Mobil Serv.

When being emailed sample reports, the file name should follow a specific naming scheme:
AssetID_ReportStatus_UnitID_SampleID_AccountName_ASSET DESCRIPTION.pdf

This is to provide clarity for which sample report is being viewed. Since multiple sample reports can arrive in the same email, this will avoid confusion.

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