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Viewing Historic Sample Reports

Steps to View Historic Sample Reports 

  1. Navigate to the Sample Reports tile on the Dashboard.
  2. Specify the search criteria in the designated fields.
    Search criteria on the Sample Activity Report page.
  3. The search results will not appear until Refresh is selected.
  4. The results should be refreshed following each change made to the search criteria.
  5. Select Report in the row corresponding to the desired search result in order to access that particular sample report.
  6. To access multiple reports together select the left most row on multiple reports then select the View/Print Tile.
    Note: The specified search settings will persist on return access to the Sample Reports Tile.


Your specified search criteria will persist on return to the Sample Activity Report.

Steps to Print/Email Reports

  1. Select and View a report using the instructions above.
  2. Select the Print or Email Tile.
    1. If Emailing select recipients by searching email addresses.
    2. If Printing select a print destination.

Print and Email on the Sample Reports page.

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