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User Help

Key Points to Users Tile

Create and Add Users 

  • Assign Accounts to Users
  • Manage location Preferences
  • Manage the security roles and rights 
  • Customize email / notification preferences
  • Reset passwords, resend welcome emails, access user keys, copy users

 Detailed Description of Users

  • The User Tile is a centralized location to see your users profile selections.

  • The User Tile empowers the user to efficiently view and maintain their own profile. 

  • Hovering over the upper right corner in any panel will reveal the edit icon (pencil).

The User Details page.


Allows user to adjust preferences of language and time zone.


Displays the user's security role(s).

Role Exceptions

Displays the user's security exceptions if there are any.

Security Roles

Displays the user's security role(s).

Email Subscriptions

Displays the user's preferences for email subscriptions (select or deselect Kit Orders)

Sample Data Subscriptions

Select the + button to add Sample Data Subscriptions and define format of data, interval, etc.

Default Sample Report Settings

Update Default Sample Report Settings.

Override Sample Report Settings

Defined settings to override the default sample settings for a set of accounts.


Allows the user to view and edit accounts the user has access to.


Displays the past actions of the user. 

Quick Steps to Create a New User

  1. Select Create.
  2. The User Information Panel will open.
    1. Required Fields are Full Name, Email Address, Country, and Time Zone; complete these fields and select Next.
  3. Choose the Accounts to associate with this user; select Next.
  4. Chooseyour Roles, then select Next.
  5. An Email will be sent to the person who created the user and another email will be sent to the new user to confirm their email address and create a password.

The User Information tab when creating a new user.

Steps to Edit a User

  1. Search for the User to Edit.
  2. Select User from the results to access the User Profile page. 
  3. Select the pencil Icon to Edit information in the section. (hover over the upper right hand corner to display the icon).
  4. Enter or update the user information.
  5. Select Save to save changes to this user.

*When creating a user, the required fields include:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Language
  • Time Zone

Security Right Required

View Users; Edit Users

The User Information panel on the User Details page.

Steps to Copy a User

  1. Search for or select the User to Copy.
  2. Select  the Hamburger to access the Copy User option.
  3. Enter in new user information.
    1. Full Name, Email Address.
  4. Once new information has been entered,  select Submit.

Security Right Required

View Users; Edit Users; Copy Users

The different options available in the User Information panel's dropdown.

Steps to Deactivate a User 

  1. Search for the User.
  2. Select the Pencil button to edit the user.
  3. Uncheck the Active box.
  4. Once completed select Save The inactive tag will appear on the users profile.

Security Right Required

View Users; Edit Users


The status icons in the User Information panel.

The different fields when editing a user's information.

Quick Steps to Resend a Welcome Email

  1. Search for and Select the User that the log in email needs to be sent to.
  2. Select the Hamburger where more options are available; select Send Welcome Email.
  3. This will resend the welcome email to the user, which contains a link to log in to the site. Select Yes when prompted to send this email to the user.

Security Right Required

Edit Users

New User Email Verification

  • When a user is added to the system an email will be generated and sent to the user which contains a link that will walk the user through logging into Utility Cloud for the first time. 
  • The administrator who created the user will also receive an email notification that the user was created. Visualize User Details in the User Tile.
  • The link in the new user email will direct the user to a page where they will be asked to accept the site Terms & Conditions. 
  • Finally, the user will be brought to a page where they can select and verify their new password.
  • If there is required information missing on the user (such as their address) the user will be directed to fill out the required information on their profile. The user may also update their preferences.
  • Once this process is completed, the user's Utility Cloud experience awaits. In the future, the user will simply be asked for their username and password to login to Utility Cloud.
  • If the new user does not verify their email after 15 days, an email will be sent to the administrator who created the user to alert them. The administrator should contact the user to encourage them to perform the initial email verification login before the 30 day lockout. 
  • If the new user does not verify their email after 30 days, the user will be deactivated and locked out. The user will need to contact the administrator who created their user account before they are able to log in. (Steps to Unlock a user are below)

The Send Welcome Email button in the User Information dropdown.

Steps to Unlock a User

  1. Select the User.

  2. Select the Hamburger Icon for the user that is locked out.

  3. Select Unlock User, an email will be sent to the user letting them know that their account has been unlocked.

  4. Select Save to save your changes.

The Locked Out status in the User Information panel and the Unlock User button in the dropdown.

Quick Steps to Reset User Password

  1. Find the user whose password needs to be reset. (you may enter search criteria to find the user such as the user's name in the search box).
  2. Once the user is found, select their name in the user search screen (to access the user edit screen for that user).
  3. Select the Hamburger to the right of the pencil icon.
  4. Select Reset Password.
  5. The user will receive an email with a link that will walk them through resetting their password.

Security Right Required

View Users; Edit Users, Reset User Password

The Reset Password button in the User Information dropdown.

Quick Steps to Assign a Security Role

  1. Navigate to the Roles Section.
    The Roles panel in the User Details.

  2. Select the Pencil to begin editing.
  3. The Update Assigned Roles screen will appear. The left column is available roles and the right column is roles that are assigned to the user already. Select a role in the left column and select Add Selected. Alternatively, with a mouse you can double-click a role for it to add to the list on the right side of the screen.
    The available and assigned roles when editing a user's security roles.
  4. Select Save to save changes to this User.

Security Right Required

Edit User Security Profile; Can Assign Role Exceptions


Select from the list of available roles by choosing the Add button. This will move the selection to the Assigned Roles fort his user.

Available Role Exceptions:

Choose from this list to add specific features to this users role.

Role Exceptions:

This list shows the additional rights beyond what is part of the Role for this user.

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