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Updating email addresses for existing users

When a user is created, the email address is displayed on the user detail page.

Edit on the User Details page.

To update a user email:

*The user must be active in order to update the email address.

Select the User tile from the Dashboard.

Use the search bar to find an existing user to edit and select that user.

Select the Pencil icon to edit the User Information panel (hover over the upper right hand corner to display the icon).

Update the user email.

Select Save to save changes to this user.


A user must be active in order to update their email address.

Notes for Changing a User Email 

Unverified User

A user is considered "unverified" when a new user is created, and that user has not verified their email address (has not logged in to accept terms and conditions/update profile).  You will see the following image in the main user detail panel:

The email unverified flag on a user's profile.

The user email address cannot be changed until verified the current email is verified.

You can resend the welcome email by selecting Send Welcome Email.

The Send Welcome Email option on the User Details.

If user cannot verify the specified email, then user should be deactivated and a new user created with the correct email address.

Change a Verified Email Address

An active user with a verified email address, can change to a new email address. The new email address must be verified. Until the new email address is verified, user profile displays both the current and unverified email information (the unverified email is red to indicate something needs to be done).

In this state, neither the current nor the unverified email addresses are editable. Select Send Welcome Email on the user profile.

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