• If a user is locked out due to too many incorrect password attempts an email is automatically sent to the user containing a link to unlock the user and login.
  • User can unlock himself by clicking link in this automatic email. User will be brought to the login page to enter their username and password. If the user has forgotten their password they may click the link forgot password.

  • The following message is displayed to advise the user of the email:


NotesThe Unlock process does not change the user’s password.

  • Users are encouraged to reset their password if they did not expect this email. 
  • Use login page Forgot Password if the user does not remember their password.
  • During login, the Password field will clear if an incorrect password is detected to avoid repeat clicks by the user.

Quick Steps to Unlock a User

  1. Select the User tile from the Dashboard.
  2. Use the search bar to find the user that is locked out and select that user.
  3. Select the Hamburger icon, then select Unlock User. An email will be sent to the user letting them know that their account has been unlocked.