Unlike the traditional test alarms that use absolute limits and warn when the level of a test result exceeds the preset limit, the trend alarm, shown on the report under the Trend Rating field, uses a sophisticated algorithm to help identify a significant change in the test trend before the results exceed the absolute limits. These alarms can be considered as an early warning to a potential condition or they can indicate a severe change in asset condition due to the degree of change.

In order to set-up an asset for the trend rating to apply, the account and asset both must have Trend Analysis enabled. This option can be turned on at both the account and asset level; however, when first turning trending on for an account, the trend rating will be turned on for all assets under that account. In order to turn trending off of an asset disable the Trend Analysis within Asset or Account Editor.

Trending – account:
New ¨Trend Analysis Enabled¨ field appears on Account details.
¨Account Status: Enabled¨ designation now appears in the Asset editor as well.

Trending – Asset:
Making these changes to the asset level allows users to toggle whether it is necessary on certain assets.

Common Questions around Trend Rating:

How do I know trending was applied?

  • Trend Rating will show as Normal, Caution, or Alert status on the report if the requirements for trending are met.

  • A sample comment for trending will appear on the report for a caution or alert status.

Why didn’t trending apply to my report?

  • Asset or Account is set to disabled settings for trending.

  • A non-numeric result was reported.

How do I disable trending?

  • Use the asset or account editor to disable Trend Analysis.
    Disabling Trend Analysis on the account will disable it for all assets under the account.

My report received a Caution or Alert status for Trend Rating, now what?

  • A caution and alert does not necessarily mean there is a required action. Instead you should review the change to determine if there should be an investigation for what the cause is for this change in the asset condition.

My trend rating is blank; what does that mean?

  • A condition for trending was not met and was unable to be applied. This could be due to any of the following:

    • Result was non-numeric

    • Account or Asset was switched back to disabled for Trend Analysi

    • There were not enough samples with these tests to establish a trend (Minimum 3 historical + current)

    • Most recent historical sample is older than 24 months

What tests have trending applied to them for the Trend Rating status?

  • Aluminum (Al), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Nickel (Ni), Lead (Pb), PQ Index, Tin (Sn), Titanium (Ti)

    • Note: test parameters may not be reported on all reports

  • Silver (Ag) will also have a trend alarm for Engine, Steam Turbine, and select Marine applications.