When a translator has identified an area in Mobil Serv that has not been translated or requires corrections the translation editor will allow the User to search for the term in English and make the necessary updates. 

Click on the Translations Tile from the dashboard

  1. In the search field - Enter the English text that is displayed on the Mobil Serv screen and requires translation.
  2. Locate the column for the language and update with the properly translated text.
  3. Save each row by selecting the Save button at the end of the row.
  4. Select Apply Changes to see the updates reflected in the Mobil Serv page.

Several rows may be updated at once to save time, once all changes are made to the page and each row is saved simply click Apply Changes.

The changes will be available in Mobil Serv momentarily, users will see the updates once they navigate to the dashboard.


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