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Tips for resolving Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis email issues

If a user is created in Mobil Serv but is not receiving Welcome emails or sample result emails, there are several debugging tips to try. Emails may be blocked from the from the user's inbox because Mobil Serv is a new and untrusted sender.

Tip 1:  Whitelist the Mobil Serv email address — whitelisting is the process of identifying an email address as trustworthy. 

Make the Mobil Serv email address a safe sender.

  1. Check the user's Junk, Spam or equivalent folder and authorize the Mobil Serv email address.
  2. Confirm that the user and their company IT department or email provider has whitelisted both of the following:

  From email

  Email IP address:      Port:  443

Tip 2: Verify email receipt - send a Mobil Serv test email to confirm receipt by the user.

Use the Send Test Email button to confirm the User is able to receive an email from Mobil Serv.

  1. Select Users tile from Dashboard.
  2. Find the user on the User Search page.
  3. Select the User record.
  4. Select Send Test Email in the User Editor.


The Send Test Email button is located in the dropdown on the User Information panel.

Action: A test email is sent to the user's email address and the requester's email address.

  • Verify the user received the test email.
  • Follow the Whitelist email address steps if not received.
  • If the requester receives a bounced email reply, then verify the user's email address setup in Mobil Serv.

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