This feature is available for Exxon Mobil Technical Help Desk ONLY. 

If a user has an issue please contact your regional EM THD. If necessary they will escalate to MSLA.


On your Dashboard, navigate to the support button on the top right.


Choose “Support Ticket” in red on the top right.

This page will show you any pending support tickets you may have. Navigate to “Submit a Request” at the top of the page to create a new support ticket.

Fill out all information pertaining to the issue you are having. Please use as much information as possible.

For each issue, we strongly urge to provide the following:

  • Subject Line - A brief description of the issue.
  • Description - Please provide as much detail as possible, including the following items:
    • Summary of the issue - Please provide a summary of the problem including where in the system this is occurring, what the user is trying to do in the system, and any related details.
    • Actual Result - The error message or the behavior as it is occurring.
    • Expected Result - This is the expected behavior of the system and how it should normally function.
    • Customer(s) Name and Email - Please provide the full name and email address for any users impacted by the issue.
    • Account ID(s):
    • Asset ID(s):
    • Order ID(s):
    • Bottle ID(s):
    • Number of Users impacted - This is important in assessing the scale of the issue.
    • Was the helpdesk able to reproduce this issue? Please note if the helpdesk was able to reproduce this or not.
  • MSLA Zone/Region - The location where the customer is located

The page also has a separate section for each of the following:

  • Steps to reproduce the issue - A complete list of steps from signing in as the user to executing the task. These steps should go up to and include the actual result step.
  • Attachments / Screenshots - Any screenshots of the error or behavior should be included. 
    • Include URL / date and time in screen captures
    • Include F12 screenshots (Console, Network)
    • Include screenshots of specific criteria used, if applicable.

Once completed, hit the blue submit button at the bottom of the page.