Steps to Search for Assets

To search for assets, you can use the Quick Search or the Advanced Search.

You can choose to search by All Assigned Accounts or a by specific account. You can type any asset information in the search box; Mobil Serv searches across the account selected in the drop-down. Active assets display on a normal card and inactive assets display on a faded card.

Quick Search

To search for assets with Quick Search:

  1. Enter search criteria in the Search Assets field.
  2. Select Enter on your keyboard or select the Search icon (blue magnifying glass) to perform the search.

Advanced Search

For more specific criteria and multi‐faceted searches, use the Advanced Search. You can combine keywords with operators such as AND or OR to produce more relevant results.

For example, you can search for assets where "Unit ID" contains "Equipment 1" AND "Asset Class" equals "Engine".

To search for assets with Advanced Search:

  1. Click Advanced.

    The Advanced Search box appears.

  2. Enter in search criteria in the Advanced Search area. Select the field to match from the drop down, and then specify the rule.
  3. Add additional criteria by clicking Add rule.
  4. Click Search to perform the search.
  5. To save the search, select the Save button and choose Save As to name the search.

  6. To use a saved search, select the Saved Search drop‐down and select the desired search to run.