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Search Help

Steps to Quick Search 

The Search screen allows the user to search by specific criteria. To search for items, enter a search value and select a data field to search within. 

    • ALL - Searches ALL data fields.
    • Account ID- searches Account ID field ONLY.
    • Account Name- Searches Account Name field ONLY.
    • Address - Searches Address field ONLY.
    • Asset Class- Searches Asset Class field ONLY.
    • Asset ID- Searches Asset ID field ONLY.
    • Asset Tag- Searches Asset Tag field ONLY.
    • Business Line Name - Searches Business Line field ONLY.
    • Country - Searches Country field ONLY.
    • Description- Searches Description field ONLY.
    • Email- Searches Email field ONLY.
    • Name - Searches Name field ONLY.
    • Parent Account ID- Searches Parent Account ID ONLY.
    • Parent Account Name - Searches Parent Account field ONLY.
    • Phone - Searches Phone field ONLY.
    • Stakeholder - Searches Stakeholder field ONLY.

User Search

User Search

Detailed Steps to Advanced Search

Advanced search will allow users to create simple or multi-attribute Boolean search criteria.  It will work the same way with User Search, Asset search and other tiles within Mobil Serv. This advanced search feature allows you to combine keywords with operators such as AND/OR to further produce more relevant results. Depending on the original criteria selected additional options become available. Equal, not equal to, begins with, doesn't begin with, contains, doesn't contain, ends with, doesn't end with, is empty, is not empty; allowing the user to search for specific components.

Using the add rule or add group buttons will allow the user to further drill down to the correct result for their desired search.

Advanced Search for Assets:

User Search - Advanced

Card View

Card VIew

List View

List View

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