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Sample Result Data Export Options

To export the sample results data:

On-Demand Sample Data

  • The Sample Activity Reports tile allows you to query and define a set of samples to export the results.  After selecting Export you will have the option to include sample results and/or sample comments.
  • The Excel Add-In allows the user to consume historical work data, and download and update assets in Mobil Serv from directly within Excel (See this page for more details: Excel Add-In ).

Push/Publish Sample Data

  • Sample results data can be sent to a specific email, webhook/API or FTP.  Set up your User Profile to include Sample Data Subscriptions.  Format options include XLXS, JSON or XML format, by either an Email, FTP, or WEBHOOK/API.

Pull Sample Data

  • Configure a company’s system to retrieve sample results data via a RESTful API. Users should work with their IT team to setup this feature.

A list of the multiple methods Mobil Serv users can use to retrieve sample data in various formats.

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