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Sample Report Data Export (Search)

The following are instructions on how to search for sample reports and export the data to excel.

  1. Click the Sample Reports tile on the left side.

    Sample Reports

  2. You should see a screen that has Search Criteria in a blue bar. Click the Right-arrow on the right-side of that bar.

  3. Once the search criteria has been expanded, enter data in whichever fields are relevant to your search (bottle ID, asset ID, etc).

  4. Once that data is entered, click the blue Refresh button in the top-right corner of the screen.

  5. The results will populate in the list.

  6. You can then export this information to an excel spreadsheet by clicking the pull-down menu next to the Refresh button, and clicking Export.

  7. You will be prompted to allow Comments, summary and the sample results. Check all boxes that apply to your search. Click Submit when the desired settings have been selected.

  8. You will get a confirmation that an email has been sent. Check your email for the exported excel document.

Note: Do NOT check the box on the left before Exporting. This will only select the items on the current page. Since each page shows 500 results, this will cause a 500-item limit when exporting.

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