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Sample Data Subscriptions

Sample Data Subscriptions 

  1. Navigate to the users tile
  2. Click on the user to edit their sample data subscriptions
  3. Select the Pencil icon to edit the Sample Data Subscriptions panel (hover over the upper right hand corner to display the icon).  
  4. Complete the details: 
    1. Subscription Name - Free text naming of the sample subscription
    2. Export Data - multi select field to choose what type of data to receive in the sample subscription
      • Summary -
      • Sample Results -
      • Comments -
    3. Format - choose one of the available formats to receive the sample subscription in
      • CSV - comma-separated values file which is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values
      • XLSX - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
      • JSON - text file written with JavaScript object notation
      • XML - An XML file is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) data file. It is formatted much like an .HTML document, but uses custom tags to define objects and the data within each object. XML files can be thought of as a text-based database.
    4. Start Date - Date to start receiving the sample data subscriptions.  Start date may be in the past – historical data will be delivered based on the scheduled ‘Interval’
    5. Interval - choose one of the following intervals to receive the sample subscription
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly
    6. Accounts - At least one account must be selected to receive data for
      1. A search can be performed in Available Accounts by typing in the search bar above.
        1. Selecting Add All will add all displayed accounts to Assigned Accounts.
      2. Select the checkboxes next to each account name to add an account to Assigned Accounts.
        1. Selecting Remove Selected will remove all checked accounts to Assigned Accounts.
      3. Select the "x" next to each account name to remove an account from Assigned Accounts.
    7. Communication Preferences
      • Email addresses - can enter in one or multiple email addresses to receive the selected sample subscription.  If sending to multiple emails, separate them with a comma.
      • API Hook - MSLA can send data to an API hook that is setup to receive files. Users should work with their IT to setup or get the open API hook.  

        • The API hook must be an open API, as no credentials are required
        • Once the API hook URL is entered in, click 'test connection'.  User will get a success or error message.
      • SFTP Address - FTP is a folder held on the internet that MSLA can send files to.  Username, password and file domain name are all required.  SFTP uses port 22 as a default ,unless the subscription sends another endpoint to use.
    8. Exceptions - Check off desired options
      • Do not send scheduled results file when no new results are available - If this is checked off, and no new results have been published since the last ran interval, then no sample subscription file will be sent.
      • Include reported only - If this is checked off, then the sample subscription file will only include samples with a status of 'reported'
  5. Select Save

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