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SSO - Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) for EM users

The three domains in Mobil Serv enabled for SSO.

ExxonMobil users may login without entering a password on a VPN device (PC/Mobile).

EM VPN Device:

  • Enter email address; select Next 
  • Initial login will take a few extra seconds to validate via SSO.
  • Users accessing Mobil Serv via a non-EM VPN device will be prompted for Email/Password.
  • Option to “Opt out of Single Sign-On” exists for users that want to login with their Email and Password.
  • Or, bookmark the direct SSO link: goto/MSLA or


  • SSO is for EM devices with a VPN connection (PC or mobile).
  • SSO is available for all registered ExxonMobil employees with the following domains:;; To disable SSO check ‘Opt out of Single Sign-on’ – once disabled you will login in with your password. Your preference is stored on the device, clear cookies to expose the option again.
  • Users that do not explicitly select the Logout icon may be auto-logged-in at their next session.
  • ExxonMobil employee passwords will still reset every 70 days.

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