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Key Points to Routes Dashboard Tile

  • Designated area where users can go to view, edit and create their routes
  • Enables users to schedule batches of work orders
    • Work Orders can be created on a strict or flexible schedule
  • Users are able to order the sequence of the work to be performed

  • Users can schedule work orders to view on a calendar

Security Rights Required

View Routes


Detailed Description of Routes

Routes enables users to efficiently and effectively perform lubricant analysis on a scheduled basis.  

  • Route administration –easy setup and management of assets to schedule for sampling
  • Route Execution - requires no change to your current sampling process to leverage routes.
    • Work Orders automatically progress through their lifecycle, with no additional steps to manage during the sampling process
      • Once your sample is registered (via Scan & Go or at the laboratory) the work status will automatically change to “Completed”.   When the sample results are ‘Reported’ the status will automatically change to “Closed”
    • Flexible options to execute the route work orders include:  scan and go, My Work tile, email template, or a printed route
  • Route Compliance – accurate monitoring of program success via compliance reporting

The typical workflow of creating a route, completing work orders in a route, and reviewing compliance on that route.

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