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Routes Details Help

Route Details

The Route Details Page shows all of the work orders and details for a specific Route. 


Users can edit the Schedule and Assets of a Route using the edit button.


Users can view the Work Order status and Total Compliance Rate of a Route in the Overview Tab.

Users can edit the Schedule and Assets of a Route using the edit button.

Route Details Page

Work Order Status

This area shows the user a pie chart indicating the percentages of "Open", "Due" and "Completed" work.

Current Compliance

This displays the percentage of work done in the last interval of the route.

Total Compliance

This displays the percentage of total work completed in the route. 

Total Compliance Rate

This area displays a bar for each time a route is completed for a maximum of eight routes. The Graph will show a numerical value for each category when hovered over. 


Users can view the details of a Route in the Details Tab. This includes Assignees, Start Date and Current Interval Start Date.

Details Tab

Work Orders 

Users can view, filter and sort work orders in the Work Orders section on the right side of the dashboard. The filters are contained in the drop down menu next to the Work Orders title.  Filter options include: Scheduled Date, Sequential planned order, Open, Completed, Closed, Canceled, as well as options to view the current interval only.

Work Orders Page

My Events - Calendar

Users can view assigned work orders in the My Events section of the Routes Dashboard. This section includes a monthly, agenda and daily display of work orders. The work orders displayed are based off of what work orders are filtered in the Work Orders section.

Route Dashboard - My Events


Users can view a history of changes to a route as well as create notes, attachments and websites at the bottom of the page.

Routes Dashboard - Timeline


Colors are used to indicate the status of a Work Order. The Work Order's color will appear in the Work Order section and in the My Events section.

"Open" Blue:  Creation date is in the future.

"Due" Red: Creation date has been passed.

"Completed" Light Green: Completed Work Orders.

"Closed" Dark Green: Work Orders that have been completed and then closed. 

"Canceled" Black: Canceled Work Orders.

Purple: When a route is created, it's creation date and time are displayed on the calendar as purple with a number next to it. The number represents the number of work orders represented by the purple tile. Editing work orders to a different date and or time will cause that work order to move out of the purple and the number to decrease by one. 

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