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Routes - Editing Work Orders

Quick Steps to Edit Work Orders

Edit Work Orders in the options when selecting a work order.

  1. Select the Routes Dashboard tile from the Dashboard.
  2. Search the Route’s name in the search bar.
  3. Click the Link to the left of the Route’s name.
  4. In the Work Orders panel, select the Hamburger of the desired asset.
  5. Select Edit Work Order.
  6. Add a description >> Edit the Priority and Type.
  7. Change the Work Order’s Start Date and Start Time.
    1. In order for a reoccurring work order to be successfully edited, the desired date and time must fall within the current route period.
      1. For example, if a route has an interval of a day, it can only be scheduled between its current start date and the next occurrence. Scheduled work orders are free to be scheduled any time in the future or on the current date.
  8. Save.

The work order's details when editing a work order.

Details to Edit Work Orders

Editing a work order is the only way to make it appear in the My Events section of the Routes Dashboard and Routes Details pages separate from the rest of the route. In order for an edit to be valid, it must fall within the current route period. Furthermore, work orders can not be scheduled in the past. These rules only apply to work orders that are on a reoccurring schedule. Scheduled work orders can be edited to any date that is not in the past.

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