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Release notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.66 (01/Feb/21)


  • Ability to add an asset to a Route from the edit asset page - [M2-903]

  • Improved Lube Charts - Distributor logos will be included into the print preview - [M2-904]

  • China MSDP Project (released on January 27, 2021):

    • MSDP VAT High resolution - Added Whitelisting to the System Admin API Key - [M2-912]

    • MSDP VAT Medium resolution - Insufficient Origin Validation - [M2-913]

    • MSDP VAT Medium resolution - Session Token Expiration - [M2-938]

  • Ongoing Projects (not yet released):

    • Corrected a distorted sample image (RG: 8 ) - [M2-638]

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed - CCM Instrument Tile was not loading. - [M2-827]

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