• Role Changes now appear in Audit Trail - [M2-13]

  • User details added to sample report export when exporting to Excel - [M2-139]

  • Date Format for Traditional Chinese changed to YYYY/MM/DD - [M2-469]

  • Improved clarity on the duplicate bottle error message - [M2-477]

  • Improvements to job processing for the labs - [M2-660]

  • Improvements to Password security settings for MSDP users - [M2-741]

  • Improvements to I&C Account Editor page - [M2-724]

  • Improvements to Headers and Footers on Lube Charts - [M2-725]


  • Fixed a bug where a user was being disabled repeatedly - [M2-742]

  • Fixed an issue with datepicker translations for Sample Activity Reports - [M2-855]

  • Fixed an issue where a new account for Inland-Coastal not flagged with “Is Marine Vessel” could not be created - [M2-867]