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Release notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.61 (18/Nov/20)


  • New - Engine Hours and Oil Hours added to summary portion of MSLA results email. - [M2-180]

  • New - Kit Orders are now filtered by customer type (requires security right). - [M2-513]

  • New - Added limit of 10 characters to IR_Reference field. - [M2-583]

  • New - Sample report filenames will be more user friendly. - [M2-677]

  • New - CCM Users will be able to disassociate instruments in the UI (requires a security right). - [M2-720]

  • New - Sample Report Tile allows access to search All Accounts (requires a security right). - [M2-723]

  • China Project:

    • New - “Get Account” Endpoint added to Postman. - [M2-819]


  • Fixed an issue during asset save that was causing it to not update unless the lubricant was changed - [M2-694]

  • Fixed bug with certain translations in the Account Details History - [M2-782]

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