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Release notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.60 (05/Nov/20)


  • Enhancement - When viewing a marine account, there will be 2 Lube Chart folders. One is for the current lube chart, the other is for archived lube charts - M2-28

  • Enhancement - New security right to allow View Only access to CCM Questionnaire manager - M2-70

  • Enhancement - Translations added for History section of Account pages - M2-131

  • Improved CCM workflow (both online and offline submissions) to allow XRF setting to be set to “no” - M2-589

  • API Enhancements (for China project to be deployed 1Q21):

    • 3.1 - API created to pull data from sample kit data page - M2-556

    • 3.2 - API added to order sample kits to the MSLA Sample kit data page - M2-557

    • 3.3 - API added to cancel sample kit orders to the MSLA Sample kit data page - M2-558

    • 3.4 - API improved to allow users to fetch a sample kit order status - M2-559

    • 3.7 - API improved to allow users to have view only access to List Definitions - M2-562

  • (China project) Business Lines - Documentation and API Configuration - M2-769

  • (China Project) Workflows - Documentation and API Configuration - M2-770

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where accounts being exported would be missing special characters - M2-713

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