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Release Notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.34.0 (11/Apr/22)


Kit Store -

AP Kit Stores are being separated into North AP and South AP kit stores. Grease Analysis added to SAP Store. - (M2-1695)

Description updates made for Marine Kit Items. - (M2-1784)

Copec Kit Store - New Bogota Analysis options. - (M2-1670)

MSLA Lab Request - Pernis samples no longer relevant are being cleaned up. - (M2-1686)

Bug Fixes:

Samples with unknown lab have been correctly assigned. - M2-1745

Error corrected when archiving on test environment. - M2-1708

Bug Fixes and Tasks completed that did not require a release:

Force Kit Order to completed status (M2-1673)

Remove In-testing samples with no lab assigned - (M2-1755)

Blank Page when opening Sample Reports (M2-1806)

Error verifying sample data at the lab - (M2-1815)

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