Lube Chart publishing without Lubricant warning. - (M2-1704)


Kit Store changes:

Removed Test Kit Parts & Replacement test kit parts from International Marine & Inland Coastal kit stores - (M2-1761, M2-1785)


Kit Orders - EM Users can now view the vendor assigned to an order - (M2-1533, M2-1548)

Bug Fixes and Tasks completed that did not require a release:

Kit Store changes:

  • International Marine Kit Item - Removed Vendor Override for Ferrous Wear kit items
    (Kit items will now default back to the proper kit vendor based on the region):

    • Mobil Serv Ferrous Wear Monitor Test Tubes Box (ERP 1780295)

    • Mobil Serv Ferrous Wear Monitor Recalibration (ERP 1712644)

    • Mobil Serv Ferrous Wear Monitor (ERP 1712641)