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Release Notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.71 - (12/Apr/21)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed - Sample Activity Report - “Select Columns” Dropdown Button Issues (Clear all filters button was not working) - [M2-970]

  • Fixed - Kit Order reporting was not showing proper totals for an EM user. - [PS-1022]

  • Fixed - Workbench duplicate limit was not properly checking. - [PS-1030]


  • Removed requirement for “Is Active” field on asset import - [M2-582]

  • Improved the filename formatting on CCM WinGD - [M2-1294]

  • Improved performance of Close Work Order API - [PS-368]

Root Cause

  • CCM Report not being released - Improved logging to catch reporting issues - [M2-967]

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