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Release Notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.70 - (30/Mar/21)


  • New: Advanced Search when viewing Accounts assigned to a user - [M2-126]

  • Improvement: User no longer needs API Key to use GetWorkFlowReports API - [M2-996]

  • Improvement: GetWorkFlowReports API now fully integrating with sample reports and sample registration - [M2-997]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Sample Reports Tile - Sorting by column did not work properly. - [M2-965]

  • Fixed: User was not given confirmation upon logging off the system. - [PS-419]

  • Fixed: Links in sample reports were redirecting back to the same report. - [PS-425]

  • Fixed: CCM Offline logbook - Emailed asset lists were not sorted properly. - [PS-427]

  • Fixed: “Missing status” occurred and some data did not appear on these reports. - [PS-993]

  • Fixed: Incorrect kits showing in the “Available Kit Items” tile under the Account details page. - [PS-994]

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