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Release Notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.59 - (22/Oct/20)


  • Added visibility of which user made changes to the History tile for Accounts - [M2-36]

  • Wording change: “Oil Rating” is changing to “Lubricant Rating” - [M2-468]

  • MSDP Integration:

    • Users created or updated in MSDP will automatically be copied over to MobilServ - [M2-560]

    • Accounts created or updated in MSDP will automatically be copied over to MobilServ - [M2-561]

    • New Authentication endpoint to enhance security for API Keys relating to MSDP - [M2-674]

  • WinGD API integration added to provide the CCM JSON and PDF report - [M2-590]

  • Added the ability to use Boresize in the Rules logic for Asset Classes - [M2-592]

  • Users now need to consent to using cookies and other privacy settings - Powered by One Trust [M2-669, M2-670]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where filtering List View by Lube Recommendation field yields no results - [M2-323]

  • Clarified error message when non-sample point assets are queried by GetAssets API - [M2-600]

  • Offline Translations - Resolved issues in the available translations that were not translating - [M2-604]

  • Fixed an issue where translations would clear when selecting a field in “My Work” - [M2-605]

  • Fixed an issue where the search in Sample Comments tile would stay at a recent result page - [M2-673]

  • Fixed blank screen issues occurring in the following areas of MSLA: - [M2-691]

    • Editing an asset

    • Kit Ordering Tile

    • Order List Tile

  • Fixed an issue with reports on Asset ID 51322539 - [M2-697]

  • Fixed an issue with missing data points on Sample Reports - [M2-708]


  • Added prompt for users to accept cookies upon first login (Powered by OneTrust) - [M2-668]

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