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Release Notes - Mobil Serv Version V2.22.58 (07/Oct/20)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Sample Report Tile search results do not show when Bogota lab is selected - [M2-253]

  • Fixed issue where changing language settings drop-down showed incorrect options - [M2-606]

  • Fixed Translation issues:

    • Translations tile: Users can now search using any phrase from a supported language [M2-130]

    • Asset Details page title in the browser - [M2-656]

    • Missing translations in Asset Search - [M2-608]

    • Missing translations in Asset Details work history - [M2-613]
      The corrected translations include:

      • In Service Oil Sample (and other workflow names)

      • Report

      • Alert

      • Caution

      • Normal

      • In-testing

      • Registered

  • Fixed the ability to update the parent account ship-to country - [M2-642]

  • Fixed issue where the Model could not be changed when editing an asset - [M2-650]

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