Steps to View and Edit a Submitted Sample Registration 

Users with the right 'Can Reissue CCM Report' can view and edit CCM logbook sample registrations after the completed report has been issued. Bottle IDs can not be changed during the editing process.

*Only the most recent report can be reissued.

  1. Navigate to the Asset tile.
  2. Use the Search feature to locate the desired asset.
  3. Select on the asset to open the Asset Details page.
  4. In the Work History section, select Reissue to the right of any sample.
  5. Edit data
  6. Click 'Complete Report' icon at the top of the page
  7. Click on 'Submit Report' icon at the top of the page
  8. The report will go into a Processing status for a few minutes, once report has filed back it will have a completed status which will allow user to view new report.

Note: A user will not be able to change the Registered Date through the reissue reports screen. The UI does however allow a user to change the Sampled date.

Security right needed: Can Reissue CCM Report