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Registering Samples using the Mobil Serv App

Steps to Registering Samples using the Mobil Serv App

Android and Apple mobile device users may download the Mobil Serv Sample Scan app on Google Play and the App Store. 

The Mobil Serv Scan and Go app icon.

Using both an Asset Label or Asset Tag and Sample Bottle Scan 

The quickest and most efficient method to register a sample is by using a Mobil Serv Asset Label (using the Asset Label tile) or Asset Tag along with a sample

  1. Open the Mobil Serv sample scan app.
  2. When prompted, use the camera on your device to scan the Bottle QR code.
    The Mobil Serv Scan and Go app.
  3. Scan the Asset QR Code on the asset label or asset tag and skip to step 6 below (if there is no asset QR code to scan, select No Asset to scan).
  4. Use the Account drop-down and the search features to locate the correct asset.
  5. Select In Service Oil Sample for the desired asset.
  6. The browser will open the Mobil Serv site to the asset’s workflow page.
  7. On the workflow form, confirm that the bottle code has been entered correctly. 
  8. Complete the remaining workflow fields and select Save.
  9. Verify that all sample information is correct, then select Submit.

Sample bottle prefixes and their service level.

  • Mobil Serv will advise users if registering a sample bottle with a service type not defined for the respective asset class. This is a warning message only and does not prevent users from registering a sample bottle.
  • Comments and Photo field entries will appear on the asset's timeline and on the sample report timeline.


Once registered, no additional sample bottle labeling is required. The data entered on your asset’s oil sample will meet the sample bottle at the laboratory.

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