The Order List tile provides a list of orders.

The list is sorted first by the Status, followed by Processed (the date processed).

The Status column sorts in the following order: Processing, Shipped Delivered, Completed, Canceled.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search to narrow the list by criteria.

You can narrow the search by:

  • PO Number

  • Ship-To Number

  • Created By

  • Tracking Number

  • Shipped Start/End Date

  • Delivered Start/End Date

  • Sales Operations

  • Vendor

  • Account

  • Business Lines

  • Zone

You can also specify one or more of the following order status:

  • Processing

  • Shipped

  • Delivered

  • Completed

  • Canceled

Viewing details

Click on an Order Id to view order details.

  • If you are the vendor, you see the Vendor Update popup.

  • If you are the customer, you see the Order Review popup.

Click Print to print the details displayed in the popup.