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The Calendar allows the user to view and manage their work orders.


The user can change the display between a monthly view, daily view and agenda view. The user can also filter work by assignees. A Work Order will not be displayed in the Calendar separate from the rest of the route until it is edited and saved to a different scheduled date or time. The user can use the arrows to move forward or backward.

The Calendar panel on a route, where any work orders for the selected month will show.


Colors are used to indicate the status of a Work Order. The Work Order's color will appear in the Work Order section and in the Calendar.

"Route" Purple: An entire occurrence of a route regardless of status with a number indicating the total Work Orders. If a Work Order in the occurrence is changed to have a separate scheduled date or time it will show separately.

"Open" Blue:  Start date is in the future.

"Due" Red: Start date has passed.

"Completed" Light Green: Completed Work Orders.

"Closed" Dark Green: Completed then closed Work Orders. 

"Canceled" Black: Canceled Work Orders.

Scheduling Work Orders

Routes can only be scheduled on the Calendar separately from the route when they are edited. In order for a reoccurring Work Order to be successfully edited and added to the Calendar, the desired date and time must fall within the current route period. For example, If a route has a route interval of daily and starts at 1:00 PM on 9/12, it can only be scheduled anytime before 1:00 PM on 9/13, because that is the start time of the next occurrence. Scheduled Work Orders are free to be scheduled at any time in the future.

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