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Mobil Serv Version V2.59.0 (10/Apr/23)

Bug Fixes:

M2-2201 Kit Orders - user unable to place order without "View Accounts" security right

M2-2203 Account Details - export child accounts not downloading as CSV

M2-2207 MSLA user cannot see orders


M2-1780 Order List - update vendor on order (FE)

M2-1781 Order List - update vendor on order (BE)

M2-2159 Allow additional filtering through SAR API

M2-2180 Update Report Display Name for Oxidation and Nitration ATMs

M2-2200 Mobil Serv Marine Help - add Lab Mailing Address PDF link

M2-2202 Orders - allow updating delivered, completed orders

M2-2217 Add Selma/remove Cynthia to system order emails

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