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Mobil Serv - Field Test Kits

Various examples of Mobil Serv's field test kits.

Various examples of Mobil Serv's field test kits.

Field test kits provide a quick lubricant assessment at the point of application. Field test kits help identify when a potential problem is occurring or confirm a corrective maintenance action, in a timely manner, via a sophisticatedly simple experience.

Test kits offer valuable insight when and where you need it

  • Leverage to perform and/or confirm maintenance activities

  • Quick test result turnaround

  • Economical solution

Types of tests include: Viscosity, TAN, TBN, Water-in-oil, Insolubles, Particle Contamination, Temperature, Glycol, Grease Flow, Leak Detection, Metal-working Fluid

Mobil Serv field test kits and consumables are ordered directly from Distribution Specialist Inc. (DSI).

Distribution Specialist Inc.
Phone: +1.703.996.8142
Phone: +1.800.726.8853 (USA Only)
Fax: +1.703.996.8143

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