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Message Service

The Message Service tile provides an historical list of all the emails sent to you.

You can click on an entire message to see additional details.

You can click on links within the message to see attachments, or navigate to related areas in the system.

Send a message

You can send a message from the Message Service.

  1. Navigate to the Message Service Tile on the Dashboard.
  2. Click Create. The Message Details window appears.

    The Message Details page.

  3. Fill out the Subject and body of the message. 
  4. Check if Important.
  5. Check if files are attached.  If yes, you are prompted to select the files to attach.
  6. Select Send To. The Recipient Criteria pop-up appears.

    Selecting recipients on the Message Details page.

    1. Choose account(s) to receive the message. All active users for that account receive the message.
    2. Choose specific users to receive the message.
    3. Choose both accounts and additional specific users.
  7. Select Save to populate the "To:" section of your message.  Click Cancel to exit without populating the "To:" section of your message. Click Export to save your selections for a file.

  8. Select Send to send your message.  Click Cancel to cancel your message.

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