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Logging in Via the Welcome Email

Steps to Logging in Via the Welcome Email

Once created in Mobil Serv, users will receive a welcome email. Email Only Users will ONLY receive emailed sample reports. They will receive a welcome email, but they do not require a username/password. All other users have interactive access with Mobil Serv, and they will receive a welcome email containing an embedded link. Users should access this link to create their profile.

  1. Access welcome email and select on link to login.
  2. Review and accept the Terms & Conditions for Mobil Serv by checking the checkbox and select Save.
    An example of a typical Mobil Serv welcome email.

NOTE: For assistance accessing the system, contact the person/group who created your profile.

NOTE: Users must login to Mobil Serv every 21 months or they will be inactivated. Users will see a reminder in their sample report email notification after 355 days since last login.

NOTE: Users will be asked to reset their password every 70 days.

NOTEExcessive incorrect attempts to enter password will lockout the user and require a password reset.

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