ACE Integration:

ACE is a system ExxonMobil uses to manage customer account information. Mobil Serv has a direct API connection to ACE in order to validate data real time. When a kit order is placed, Mobil Serv validates the account information via ACE. If the validation goes through, the order progresses to the next step. If the validation fails, it will retry every 3 hours until it successfully validates.

Shipping Carrier Integration:

In Mobil Serv, Kit vendors will add the tracking information for each individual order. Each order includes the ability to find the status of an order based on the tracking ID provided by the shipping carrier.

Shipping information is imported automatically through the API for the following shipping methods:

  • UPS

  • DHL

  • FedEx

The system also allows a user to select Shipped with alternate carrier. Because we do not have tracking information for these orders, the shipping status will need to be manually updated by a vendor.

How does the shipping data flow?

The kit vendor will need to edit the order to include the shipping information when the kit is shipped. This will allow future order status changes to automatically filter into Mobil Serv.

How this works: We directly connect to the shipping carrier APIs. When they update their system status to shipped or delivered, the order in MSLA will automatically update. If the API connection is established, we receive any tracking information update moments after it is posted by the shipping carrier.

Note: In order to view the Vendor pulldown in the Order List tile, the user needs the Access Global Orders right. and the Kit Vendor user role.