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Interpreting your analysis results

Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis provides an unparalleled knowledge of ExxonMobil lubricants through decades of experience and close OEM relationships. Our strong heritage of hands-on application expertise provides you a reliable analysis. The overall assessment focuses on three areas that help identify:

Your Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis report provides an easy to read, color-coded performance assessment with one of the following ratings:

  Alert – Conditions exist that exceed acceptable limits or require corrective action. Steps should be taken to confirm and correct the condition.

  Caution – Conditions are present that may require monitoring or diagnosis to minimize impact on equipment and lubricant performance.

  Normal – Equipment, contamination, and lubricant conditions are within an acceptable range.

Sample comments are provided on the report to help identify potential problems, list possible causes, and recommend actions for follow-up.

Monitoring the trend

To assess your equipment condition:

  1. Interpret your analysis results – Gain an understanding of your equipment’s operating conditions and its lubricated components. Limits applied to each sample can vary based on your asset's registered manufacturer, model, application, and lubricant-in-service.
  2. Monitor the sample trend – Trend identification is important to understanding oil analysis results. You should include critical equipment and maintenance information (e.g., date sampled, hr/mi/km, makeup oil, etc.) with your sample submission. This data allows you to normalize the analysis trends to enhance your assessment.
  3. Review the entire report – Proper condition assessment requires a complete review of the report. Changes in equipment condition typically coincide with the presence of contamination or changes in lubricant properties.

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