Transmissions per GMT day

Transmissions per day - All CCM instrument transmissions including heartbeats and instrument bottle transmissions.

To view the transmission count hover over the data points.

Details and Analytics

Incomplete bottles - Graphical view of all Bottles that were sent from the instrument and have yet to be registered on MSLA.

example - if client has submitted 100 bottles in total from instrument, and only 60 were registered on MSLA, then incomplete are 60%

Incomplete batches

A batch is invalid if the complete JSON from instrument and MSLA have been merged and there is an error so it can not be sent to Data Harvester for report processing.  The calculation within the graph derives from the total number of invalid reports/total number of complete reports.

Instrument Uptime

Calculation of instrument uptime.

Instrument timeline

Interactive timeline log of all instrument transmissions including heartbeats and transmissions.