Steps to Import Assets

  1. Navigate to the Assets tile.
  2. Select Import, and then Download a Blank Template to import new assets into Mobil Serv.

  3. After clicking "Download a Blank Template", note that you will need to select the asset class which you are attempting to import. Check the box and click "Submit".

    Warning: If you are looking to export assets to change the asset class, please be sure to download a blank template of the destination asset class and not the original asset class. The required fields vary between asset classes.

  4. To update existing assets, use an asset export and update the necessary data.
  5. Complete the import template with valid inputs (an existing asset export may help in completing a blank template) and save as a .xlsx file.
  6. Navigate to the Assets tile and select Import.
  7. Select Choose File to select the Excel (.xlsx) file that was created above.
  8. Select Upload to load the file.

    Warning:  Importing is limited to a maximum file size of 5000 rows.  If you have more than 5000 assets to import, divide your file into two or more files.
  9. You will receive a notification that the import has been scheduled. You will also receive an email with an error log once the job is completed. The job status can also be found on the Dashboard. Review the error log to confirm that the assets are imported successfully.


           Note: Only valid inputs can be imported back into the system, this includes the exact spelling of drop-down selections.

Note: This is governed by the Security right "Import Assets"