Quick Steps to Import an Account

Users with the appropriate rights can create and edit accounts using the import tool.

Note: This feature is not available on mobile devices or tablets. Users must export existing accounts to update or download a blank Excel template from Mobil Serv for importing accounts.

  1. Select the Accounts tile.
  2. Select the down arrow icon on the Account Search page, select Import, then select Download a Blank Template.

  3. Complete the import template with valid inputs (an existing account export may help in completing a blank template) and save as a .xlsx file.
  4. Navigate to the Accounts tile.
  1. Select the down arrow icon on the Account Search page, then select Import.
  2. Select Browse to select the Excel (.xlsx) file that was created above.
  3. Select Upload to import the file. 

    Warning:  Importing is limited to a maximum file size of 5000 rows.  If you have more than 5000 assets to import, divide your file into two or more files.
  4. You will receive a notification that the import is scheduled. You will also receive an email with a log once the import is complete. The job status can also be found on the Dashboard. Review the log to confirm that the accounts were imported successfully.