Quick Steps to Export Current Search Results

  1. Narrow down the results you would like to export using the Quick Search or Advanced Search Options
  2. Once you are ready to export your results, select the Hamburger (ellipsis) button on the Search screen in the top right corner, then select Export.
  3. A pop up message will display and confirm the total results that will be exported.  If this total is NOT correct, you may select cancel and adjust your search criteria and re-export.  If the total is correct, you may select Submit.
  4. The system will generate an xlsx file containing the specified results.

Download a Blank Template 

Download a Blank Template allows the user to export a blank template with column headers that may then be filled out and imported for bulk upload. 

  1. Select Download a Blank Template from the Import screen.  
  2. The system will generate a blank xlsx file with column headers. 

This template allows for easy upload of multiple new items (see import help page)