Flexible process for you to access sample result data directly in Excel from Mobil Serv.  This enables you to use native Excel functionality to quickly analyze sample result data and gain new insights.

Get Data from Sample reports

Users can import Workflow data from Mobil Serv for easy viewing - to pull information from Mobil Serv into an excel file for simplified data recall. The criteria can be limited by asset, asset class, workflow report name, and account.

  1. Click Add Data
    1. This will add a new sheet to the Excel File.

  1. Search for and select an account 
  2. Search for and elect an asset (optional)
  3. Users can restrict results to certain dates
  4. Define advanced criteria - Status, Tested Lubricant, Asset Class
  5. Choose to include test results or comments
  6. Click Get Data to run the search

To manipulate the data with other excel functions user must copy/paste the data to a new sheet. Additional excel functions are not available in the LIVE Add-In sheet.

Sample Results Tips

Results: Sample result data is Read-Only

Results: Sample results are available to view in Excel once reported in Mobil Serv

Search:  Requires an Account or Asset to be selected

Search: Account search field will only search Account Name (Note: Account ID is displayed in the search results as a prefix to the Account Name to help your search)

Search: Pick from your assigned Account list by simply clicking the “Search” button with no defined search criteria.  Displays a list of your assigned accounts as defined in Mobil Serv.

Search: Asset search field will search Unit ID, Asset Description and Asset ID

Include Child Accounts: if checked, includes all child accounts (regardless of level in hierarchy)

Include test results: adds the actual test results (impacts download time and file size)

Include Sample Comment: includes the sample comment data (impacts download time and file size)

Security Rights:

Access Excel Add In - to be able to add the view the add-in from the user profile

Access Excel Assets Group - to be able to pull down the asset information into excel with the add in

Can Submit Asset from Excel - to allow user to submit changes made in the excel add in back into Utility Cloud

Access Excel Sample reports - to be able to pull down the sample report data into excel with the add in