The Excel Add-in offers a powerful solution that allows users to review asset registration data, make updates to assets and submit the changes directly to Mobil Serv.  Updates are validated to ensure changes are valid prior to submitting them to Mobil Serv.  The Excel Add-in makes mass updates and cleanup projects easy and efficient.

Get Assets

Users can import existing asset registration data directly from Mobil Serv into an excel file for easy viewing and updating.  Note: View + Sample users will only see “Get Assets” function to view a list of their registered assets (no editing capability).

  1. Click Get Assets
    1. This will add a new sheet to the Excel File
  2. Required: From the drop-down menus, select an account
  3. Optional: Search by keyword in the search bar
  4. Click Get Data

To manipulate the data with other excel functions user must copy/paste the data to a new sheet. Additional excel functions are not available in the LIVE Add-In sheet.

Add Assets

Users can create new assets using the Excel Add in

  1. Click Add Assets 
  2. This will add a new sheet to the Excel File
  3. Select a business line then click Get Asset Classes
  4. Select the desired asset classes then click the >>
  5. Click Create
  6. Fill in Data for the new assets

Submitting Assets

Users can validate and submit new and updated assets directly into Mobil Serv using the Excel Add in. This can only be done on a sheet by sheet basis.

  1. Import or create new assets using the steps above 
  2. Make changes to the assets 
  3. Click Validate
  4. If a row fails validation it will appear red and the specific cell will be bold 
  5. If a row passes validation it will appear blue (image 1) 
  6. Click Submit to upload changes into Mobil Serv
  7. New assets added in under a set of preexisting assets will be added as inactive if they are set as active 

  •  (image 1) Accounts were changed - thee field entry shows in BOLD and the line is blue; indicating proper validation.

  • (image 2) Column o was edited outside of the parameters for this field, validation failed. The field input 999 is highlighted in red to show which field is invalid. The entire row is highlighted red as well. A user may remove this row from the excel sheet and submit the remaining rows. 


Validation within the excel sheet is for the structure of fields and validity of the lists. Upon submitting the changes additional validations are conducted for uniqueness. 

Asset Tips

Access: Users ability to edit/submit assets is govern by Mobil Serv role profile

Search: Requires an Account or Asset to be selected - list limited to your assigned accounts/assets

Validate: Improve result interpretation - click validate to verify existing asset attributes are aligned

Edit Assets: List of values – Double click the cell to view the respective list of values (e.g. Lubricants, Manufacturer). List of values displayed are directly from the Mobil Serv database.

Edit Assets: Manufacturer/Model – You must select “NOT LISTED” if desired value is not listed, then enter actual value in the Alt. Manufacturer / Model column (similar to online registration)

Edit Assets: Lubricant – You must select a valid “Third Party…” lubricant and then list the actual value in the Alternate Lubricant column. (similar to online registration)

Edit Assets: Deleting an asset row in Excel does not delete, nor update, the asset registration within Mobil Serv database.  User may ‘Inactivate’ the asset and Submit – no deleting. – So, you can delete asset rows in Excel to simplify your workspace with no impact to the actual data in Mobil Serv.

Edit Assets: Data entered for an asset attribute not assigned to that Asset Class will be auto-deleted (e.g. entering Model Year (engine attribute) on a Circulating System asset

Move Asset: To move an asset, simply change the “AccountName” and “Submit”  (note: ‘move’ includes the sample/work history – (similar to online registration)

Copy/Add Asset: If creating a new add asset from an existing record displayed in Excel - Ensure you clear the InternalSystemID (column A) and AssetID (column B) – Mobil Serv will assign the AssetID once Submitted.

Add Assets: Account must exist in Mobil Serv before creating assets in Excel (Excel requires an account to create assets)

Add Assets: User can ‘add’ new assets to a worksheet as long as the asset class is displayed on the respective worksheet (row 1).  If not, use Add Asset function.

Submit: User must remain online to submit changes/updates

Submit: After clicking “Submit” only the blue highlighted changed rows are submitted to Mobil Serv, once successfully submitted Mobil Serv will display the updates (remember to refresh your screen)

Logging Out

  1. Use the button with the user's name to log out

Security Rights:

Access Excel Add In - to be able to add the view the add-in from the user profile

Access Excel Assets Group - to be able to pull down the asset information into excel with the add in

Can Submit Asset from Excel - to allow user to submit changes made in the excel add in back into Utility Cloud