The system now allows the attachment of multiple reports or documents from Mobil Serv to be sent to an email of choice provided by the end-user.

1. Click the Accounts tile on the Mobil Serv home screen.

2. Search for the account in question with attachments you are looking to send.

3. Notice the Attachments panel on the right side of the screen.

There will be pull-down arrows on each folder. Clicking the arrow will expand the folder to show its contents.

4. You can check a folder to select the entire folder and all of its contents. Or you can check the files individually to select one or multiple files to attach.

5. After selecting the file(s) you want to send, right-click anywhere in the file list within the attachment panel. Click Share.

6. A new window will pop up, prompting to enter an email address, or email addresses that the file(s) should be sent to.

Note: There will need to be a comma and a space between email addresses. For example: “,”

7. Wait for an email with the respective files attached in the same format the original file was in. (For the purposes of this example, they are pdf documents. However, this may vary).

There are also links to download the documents, in the event the files do not properly attach.