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Editing Accounts

Quick Steps to Edit an Account

  1. Select the Account Tile from the Dashboard.
  2. Search for the Account you would like to Edit.
  3. Select Account from the results to access the Account Profile page. 
  4. Select the Pencil icon to Edit information in the section. (hover over the upper right hand corner to display the icon). Each section is editable independently.
    The Edit icon located in the upper right of the Account Information panel.
  5. Enter or update the Account information.
  6. Select Save to save changes to this user.

Changing a parent account

When you change the parent account for a child, you are automatically directed to update the users associated with the account. 

From the Update Account Information window, when you select Save, and when you have changed the Parent Account field, the Search for and add users window appears. 

You can update the users and select Save, or select Cancel to exit without updating the account users.

Changing parent accounts to multiple accounts

You are able to change the parent account of multiple assets by using the import/export feature.

  1. Search for the accounts that you would like to change in the Accounts tile
  2. Hit 'Export' in the ellipsis in the top right corner, this will generate an excel document
  3. In the excel export, you will see the first two columns are titled "Original Path" and "New Path".  
    1. The ! in the original path separates the parent and child account.
    2. You will want to keep "Original Path" as it is
    3. Copy and paste the Original Path into the New Path and change the parent account name to the new parent account.  Leave the ! and the child account as is.  Example below.
      The Original Path and New Path columns in Excel.
  4. Once you have made these changes, you will go back to the Accounts tile, to the ellipsis in the top right and hit 'Import'

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