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Deleting a Submitted Sample Registration

Steps to Delete a Submitted Sample Registration

Users can delete sample registrations prior to the lab processing the sample.

  • Navigate to the Assets tile.
  • Use the Search feature to locate the desired asset.
  • Select on the asset to open the Asset Details page.
  • In the Work History section, select on View to the right of any sample that has a Registered status.

Registered Status

Note: Once a sample has arrived at the lab, the status becomes In-testing and the workflow becomes read only.

  • Select Delete to delete the sample workflow.

    Status / Action
    Registered (sample registered) / Edit
    In-testing (sample logged-in at the lab) / Read Only
    Reported Result / Read Only

Sample Reports Tile Method:

1) Login to Mobil Serv and click the Sample report tile.
2) Search these bottles in the SAR tile (using whatever criteria applies: Account name, Asset ID, etc). Click Refresh once criteria has been chosen.
3) Click the "Registered" link:

Search Criteria - Registered Link

That will take you to the "Perform work" (In Service Marine Oil Sample) screen.

4) When editing the workflow, scroll down as if you were going to save changes. There should be a "delete" button at the bottom of the workflow:

Workflow History - Delete

When the page attempts to refresh, you will see the following error. This is normal as the workflow you are trying to view no longer exists:

Unexpected Error

5) When you are back on the SAR search tile, you can confirm the workflow was deleted by clicking the Refresh button on the search once again. The results should come up blank:

Blank Results

Note: Samples that have been sitting in Registered status for 365 days will now be deleted. If you see any with a sample date older than that, please feel free to submit a request to your helpdesk to have these removed or addressed.

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